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The website is the property of KHAN INTERNATIONAL, which is created for information & communication purposes and made it available to users exclusively for commercial use.

No reproduction of the website or any part of it may be sold or distributed for commercial purposes.

KHAN INTERNATIONAL takes the greatest possible care in the selection and updating of the website content; however, KHAN INTERNATIONAL does not accept any responsibility in the case of missing, incomplete or erroneous information of any kind.

KHAN INTERNATIONAL declines any responsibility for any damage that may result to the users or their property as a consequence of accessing the website, the impossibility of accessing the website or the downloading of material from the website, where this is permitted, including damage to the information devices of the users caused by viruses.


This website and the websites linked to it have been very carefully checked by
KHAN INTERNATIONAL. Therefore none of their contents are dangerous or unpleasant for children. The advertised products cannot be purchased directly from the website.

KHAN INTERNATIONAL cannot be held responsible for the content of any third-party website to which there is an authorized link, since KHAN INTERNATIONAL exercises no control over them.

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